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Top 5 Unblocked Games (Part 1)

Happy Wheels Unblocked

Happy Wheels unblocked is the popular physic based platform browser game which features some of the unique characters, they use a variety of atypical vehicles to commute in the game and cross each level successfully.

This online game is mainly known for its graphic violence and user-generated content that every player generates regularly and it has a game map that is shared publically via server.

Happy Wheels Unblocked

Happy Wheels Gameplay and Characters

The gameplay varies depending upon the characters and the level design.

The popular character in the happy wheels unblocked game is the businessman on Segway.

The aim of each level differs and the prime goal of most of the levels is to reach the finish line while collecting the tokens that come in between.

Some of the levels even have nonexistent and alternate goals set for the gamers.


Run 3 Unblocked

Run 3 is the addicting endless running game that is packed with action and players are required to play the game as a little grey alien.

The players are required to trespass the little alien in the game through the architecturally challenging regions which are floating in the space.

They need to guide the alien to cross the prohibited area safely by protecting them from the dangerous holes and other obstacles while running.

Run 3 Unblocked Game

Run 3 Gameplay

The gameplay involves keeping the grey alien safe and protected from the obstacles in the game and guide them to reach the finishing line in the game.

In the Run 3 unblocked game, they also need to collect the items and points while moving ahead.

There are many crazy obstacles which will appear in the run 3 unblocked game and all you need to do is to guide the alien to pass these obstacles and collect point and help them to reach the finishing lines successfully.


Earn to Die 2 Exodus Unblocked

Earn to Die 2 unblocked is an amusement about a man and his ride.

Sadly his ride needs a few moves up to manage a multitude of boxes and zombies that are standing out.

He may likewise be attempting to drive to Florida to get to a clearing point, in view of the zombie thing.

So as to gain ground towards his objective, your driver man must redesign his vehicle until he can achieve the following checkpoint.

At times he will likewise show signs of improvement/cooler vehicle in which to proceed with the overhaul procedure.

Interactivity is dependent on the old attempted and genuine material science motocross program sims that have seen some truly strong emphasis on iOS, not the least of which is this current amusement antecedent, Earn to Die.

Earn to Die 2 Exodus Unblocked

Earn to Die 2 Exodus Gameplay and Graphics

The gameplay on Earn to die unblocked game and its governing mechanics are completely based off of basic physics, and while the graphics of this title aren’t exactly cinema quality of UHD,

It holds its own when stacked up against decent time killers in a similar department.

The fundamental principle of the game is to make it to the next gas stop with the gas that is remaining in your vehicle’s tank.

Failure to do so will probably get you attacked by the zombies or stuck in the same spot.

The new version has seen some major changes as now you can choose different paths or guides while controlling your vehicle,

However, the tank engine of your vehicle isn’t as protected so if the ride gets rough, your engine won’t last.

All-in-all Earn to Die 2 Exodus unblocked is a really fun game to play.



Tank Trouble Unblocked

Tank trouble unblocked is one of those interesting games that keep a check on your geographic understanding skills.

The game can be played in pair, alone or in a team of 4.

Your objective is to take your tanks, find the enemies and take them down before they do the same with you.

Tank Trouble Unblocked Game

Tank Trouble Gameplay

You have to cleverly keep a check on the location of all the opponents and drop the fire as per their activity.

The best hack to stay alive for a long period is to keep your tank moving to and fro.

Don’t get stuck to a single location as enemies can arrive at any time.

  • The arcade tank battle top view
  • bounce shots
  • various missiles
  • weapons

and other things make the tank trouble unblocked game highly engaging and interesting.


Crazy Taxi Unblocked

Crazy Taxi is one of the racing games which have gained quite a popularity among the gamers.

Starting from the arcade version, this game has improved its version for the mobile devices.

The game story involves the player to select a driver to drive a taxi in a fictional city.

Crazy Taxi Unblocked Game

Crazy Taxi Gameplay and Idea

The gameplay directs crazy taxi unblocked game to look for fares and taking them to their destination in the fastest time possible.

Passengers will have an overhead marker to identify them as cab hailers.

The scores will be assigned based on the time but that is not the only criteria.

As the name suggests, the player will also be awarded for performing crazy stunts such as jumps, drifts, and near-misses.

Controlling the crazy taxi on a mobile device is very easy as the controls will pop up on the screen or one can also use the tilt-screen techniques for movement.