Happy Wheels

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Happy Wheels is one of the most popular bad physics games out there. stupidly fun to play at school or office,


Playing Happy Wheels? Here’s What You Need to Know First

Many people think that gaming is merely an addictive source of diversion and entertainment.

You have to know that there are numerous benefits to gaming like improving your coordination and developing cognitive skills.

Gaming is not only for kids but also for adults.

If you want to play, you have to try Happy Wheels.

This is considered a ragdoll physics game, which is a category in procedural animation.

It works by displaying human-like figures having realistic motions.

Here are other things that you need to know about Happy Wheels:


People Behind the Game

The game was directed, designed, and programmed by Jim Bonacci in 2010. Fancy Force published it.

The game features many playable characters that utilize different vehicles to navigate through the many levels of the game.


What’s the gameplay?

This is all about enduring severe consequences in your desperate attempt for victory.

The truth is, the actual mechanics depend on the character choice and the level design. The goal will also depend on the level.

In most, the goal is to reach the finish line or to amass tokens.


Other features of the game

Players can upload replays of their attempts.

The best thing is that it can be viewed by others.

Aside from that, it also presents a level editor – allowing players to create personalized levels.

At every level, it contains many tools and objects, which are important for level building.

On top of that, you can upload maps to a public server where it can be accessible.


What do other reviewers think about the game?

Aside from noting the graphic violence of the game, many reviewers applauded the game for its funny elements.

You will be surprised that you will be entertained because you find it funny.

Its appeal to humor is intense. However, there is a high volume of ads.

There are small advertisements that appear when you die.

There will be advertisements for every level.

To get rid of this, you can pay a minimal amount and enjoy the interruption-free gameplay.

According to many reviewers, if you have a dark sense of humor and an inclination for puzzling games, Happy Wheels will challenge both your problem-solving skills and reflexes.

Since it received positive reviews, GameSetWatch recommends it.

Aside from that, Happy Wheels is also deliberated as one of the Best Free Games by IGN (Imagine Games Network.) For most players, it’s difficult not to get amused because of the bizarre ways in which your character can be ripped into pieces.