Cooking Mama

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Cooking Mama Unblocked

Cooking Mama unblocked is a cookery simulation game designed for Nintendo and iOS platforms where the player is tasked with various kitchen tasks including cooking meals as per the instructions are given on the screen.

This is a different mini-game compilation where each mini-game lasts about 10 seconds.

In order to play unblocked Cooking Mama games, the user has to use the finger or stylus on the touch screen and follow the given instructions.

Mini-game represents different activities such as mixing, frying, and chopping.

There are three different modes available for the players in the Cooking Mama game.

Let’s cook mode is the main game where players cook meals starting with a few simple recipes to unlock the master recipes.

Let’s combine mode allows the players to take recipes from the unlocked game to prepare something new.

Use skill mode assists the players to increase the rank at the end of each task.

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